UK Government adopt radical new approach to preventing cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular health check

Cardiovascular disease encompasses all conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels, including coronary heart disease, the most common type of heart disease. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 7.6 million men and women live with cardiovascular disease in the UK.

About eight in 10 cases of cardiovascular disease are linked to preventable risk factors, such as poor diet, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Finding innovative new methods for preventing cardiovascular disease will be an ongoing focus for the UK government as it appoints its first-ever Champion for Personalised Prevention.

The importance of cardiovascular health

Health tsar John Deanfield, a former Olympian and professor of cardiology at University College London, will lead the task force composed of experts from such diverse backgrounds as health economics, behavioural science, and technology. They will review how personalised data and tech can be harnessed to predict and manage heart disease more effectively.

Professor Deanfield said: “I am thrilled to continue my work with the Government on cardiovascular disease prevention. This appointment provides a real opportunity to radically rethink our approach to cardiovascular health and disease prevention. We intend to build an ongoing, life-long programme that empowers people to take control of predicting, managing and reducing their lifetime cardiovascular risk.”

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Our comprehensive executive medicals address health risk factors with a strong focus on cardiovascular health. They also go beyond simple screening, as we provide ongoing monitoring and preventative and management strategies.

It comprises several tests and scans to identify any issues with your heart at an early stage, including a coronary heart CT scan. This scan can help to spot calcium build-ups within your heart that can cause causes your arteries to narrow. As well as a heart CT scan, we test resting ECG and cholesterol levels, screen for atrial fibrillation, and calculate your cardiovascular risk score.

Some people may not be aware they are at risk of a heart attack or stroke because risk factors can be silent; you may have high blood pressure or raised cholesterol levels without having any symptoms.

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