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Non-melanoma skin cancer: the warning signs to watch out for

As temperatures rise and summer beckons, it’s unsurprising that May’s focus is skin cancer and sun awareness. The British Association of Dermatologists has long campaigned for greater knowledge of sun safety, and this year, their particular focus is informing the public about non-melanoma skin cancer and how best to check your skin. Although most of […]


How to manage and recover from work-related stress

Research commissioned by Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, found that work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives. More than one in three said their work life was either very or quite stressful. Work-related stress experienced over a long period of time can lead to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, which is […]

Understanding the difference between IBS and bowel cancer

April marks both IBS and Bowel Cancer awareness months, and these two conditions also share many similar symptoms as they affect the same part of the body. Our health is shaped by a complex interaction between many factors, especially when conditions have overlapping symptoms, which can often lead to anxiety and confusion. Consulting a healthcare […]

Do you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

March is Ovarian Cancer Month and the focus this year is about raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. According to data released by Target Ovarian Cancer, a woman’s chance of surviving ovarian cancer if diagnosed at the earliest stage, more than doubles from just 46% to more than 90%. However, less than a […]

New study indicates quitting smoking at any age reduces cancer risk

Did you know that from the moment you stop smoking your body starts to repair the damage? Within 20 minutes, your pulse and blood pressure start to reduce and within eight hours of having your last cigarette, oxygen levels in your blood return to normal. By the second day, carbon monoxide in your blood will […]

Supporting mental health at work

At any time, one in six adults in the UK will be experiencing a mental health condition – ranging from anxiety and stress to medically diagnosed conditions such as depression.  We’re seeing a lot of patients absent from work with anxiety and depression currently. One of the take-home points of the occupational health diploma is […]

Mystery chest pain? Understanding the risk factors to prevent heart attack

Heart attacks could be better prevented in those suffering unexplained chest pain, according to recent research funded by the British Heart Foundation into cardiovascular disease risk factors. It is thought that over a million UK adults visit their GP every year due to chest pain, but for many the cause remains a mystery despite undergoing […]

The heart health benefits of a vegan diet indicated in new study

First launched in 2014, Veganuary had convinced half a million people to adopt plant-based eating by January 2021, almost double the number that had pledged to go vegan for January in 2019. According to numerous studies, plant-based products are better for the environment because they generate less pollution and require less land and water than […]

Spotting the early signs of cervical cancer

NHS England’s chief exec Amanda Pritchard recently made the ‘truly momentous’ pledge to eliminate cervical cancer in England by 2040 by ramping up the current HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening programme. A smear test is the best protection against cervical cancer as with regular screening, it can often be caught early – and early […]