Vaccinations at Private GP in Harley Street


At GP London W1, we can provide the full range of vaccinations, including childhood immunisations, HPV, influenza and all necessary travel vaccinations. Our practice offers detailed travel consultations and can also give health advice on travel to high-risk destinations.

Paediatric and Adult Vaccinations

Vaccinations are essential to protect individuals and the community against serious diseases. We offer the full range of paediatric and adult vaccinations, some of which are not given as standard on the NHS.

Most immunisations are given in childhood, and we can ensure that your child completes their childhood immunisation programme to provide full protection. We also offer HPV vaccination for adolescents and adults.

Flu Jab

Flu can be unpleasant for any of us, but it can be much more severe for the vulnerable or those with compromised immunity. It takes about two weeks after the vaccination for antibodies to develop, so it is advisable to get the flu vaccine in early Autumn before the virus starts spreading in the community. We recommend an annual flu vaccine as its immune protection will decline over time, and flu vaccines are often updated as the flu virus changes seasonally.

Travel Vaccinations

Our practice offers a comprehensive travel service. Some vaccinations need to be given a few weeks in advance or require multiple appointments, and we can check your vaccinations are up to date or are planned so they are effective at the time of travel.

Vaccinations we can provide include typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera, diphtheria, tetanus and malaria, and less common vaccinations.

We can also provide comprehensive, evidence-based and individually-tailored travel advice depending on your specific circumstances and your chosen destination.

Kind words from our patients

“The service that GP London W1 offer is unrivalled as I know that wherever I am in the world I have the back up of a first-class medical practitioner that will deal with any problem that may arise.”