Statement of Purpose

GP London W1 endeavours to provide patients with the highest quality General Practice service. The patient is placed at the heart of our practice, and we aim to establish long-standing, personal relationships between patient and doctor built on trust, respect and ongoing communication.

We offer confidential, discreet consultations and comprehensive, thorough, and accurate personal health assessments for the whole family. We adhere to the highest standards of evidence-based medicine and best practice and always follow the latest guidelines.

To achieve this, we have established the following objectives:

Offering evidence based medicine Deliver high-quality medical care consistently and efficiently and always offer evidence-based, clinically-proven medicine

Patient centred care
Involve our patients in their care and the decision-making process regarding their treatment and recovery

Specialist referralsInvolve other healthcare professionals where it is in our patient’s best interests and to oversee their treatment journey

Enhanced patient GP relationshipTo always show our patients courtesy, honesty and respect at all times, regardless of the nature of their health concern

Preventative medicineTo focus on promoting the health and wellbeing of our patients and the prevention of disease through making positive lifestyle choices

Informed choice for patientsSeek valid consent for any examination or treatment that is required and ensure patients are always fully informed about every aspect of their care