Well Woman Screening at Private GP on Harley Street

Well Woman Screening

Our team of female doctors are hugely experienced in dealing with the complexities of women’s health and can provide treatment and advice for women of all ages. Our Well Woman Screening offers an effective way to stay in control of your health and wellbeing.

Our female patients have many unique health concerns. Irregular or heavy periods may affect your quality of life, or you may be planning to get pregnant or experiencing fertility issues and want advice or further treatment. You may be experiencing fatigue, weight gain or other physical symptoms and want to establish if hormonal fluctuations require intervention. Or you may wish to rule out more serious health issues. A comprehensive health check can address all of these.

GP London W1 can provide full Well Woman Screening including cervical, ovarian and breast cancer screening (smear tests and mammograms are carried out on the day), as well as providing sexual health screening, contraception, and pregnancy advice. We also have access to osteoporosis screening (DEXA scan) within the hospital.

During a relaxed and in-depth consultation, we can provide a complete health and lifestyle assessment and give you individually tailored advice on optimising your health and wellbeing.

Our range of blood tests includes liver function, bone markers, cholesterol levels and thyroid function.

Regular screening means we can establish a base level for many essential health markers, and the continuity of care we offer means you can be looked after throughout life’s significant events.

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Well Woman Screening

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Kind Words from our Patients

“Dr Setchell and Dr Payne really take the time to get to know you and put you at ease. I feel confident that any concerns or issues will be dealt with sensitively and thoroughly.”