Our Doctors

Dr Fiona Payne at GP at London W1

Dr Fiona Payne

The most satisfying part of being in private general practice is the variety – I find people endlessly fascinating, and I am constantly learning something new from my patients every day.

Dr Justine Setchell at GP at London

Dr Justine Setchell

I once heard GPs described as navigators, and I thought that was an apt description. We build relationships with our patients, so we can help them navigate choppy waters if something does crop up.

Dr Caroline Wall at GP London W1

Dr Caroline Wall

I love the family side of the practice as I’ve recently been through those life-changing moments – pregnancy, childbirth, coping with young children, balancing home and work life. I think this enhances my care.

Dr William Wall at GP London W1

Dr William Wall

I have a particular interest in general medicine, preventative medicine, men’s health, mental health and musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr Ravi Brar at GP London W1

Dr Ravi Brar

My passion lies in delivering patient-centred care, and ensuring that each individual receives personalised attention and comprehensive treatment tailored to their bespoke needs.

Our Practice Team

The Team at GP at London W1

Charlotte Connors-Devlin
Medical Secretary

Practice Team at GP at London W1

Debbie Clayton
Medical Secretary

Support Staff at GP Harley Street

Caroline Mason
Medical Secretary

Emily Clayton at GP London

Emily Clayton
Medical Secretary